I offer a variety of services to address your unique needs. Acupuncture with one or more of the following East Asian Medicine treatment strategies will be used.


CranioSacral Therapy

Acupuncture is a holistic method of bringing you back into balance and restores healthy function. It treats the root  cause and symptoms of disease.  I use very fine, sterile, single-use needles. Acupuncture has been proven to be effective for disharmonies of the body and mind.
A very gentle manipulation that uses therapeutic touch to the skull, pelvis, spine, and body fascia to relieve tension. This therapy is helpful with headaches, migraines, depression, anxiety, insomnia, neck/shoulder, TMJ, carpal tunnel, SI joint, sacrum, back pain, coccyx pain, intraoral pain, and much more!

Facial Acupuncture for Beauty


Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation is not just for beauty, but for the betterment of Mind & Body. Tiny acupuncture needles, facial cupping, & guasha are used to improve the appearance of Wrinkles, Jawline, Rosacea, Dry Skin, Dark Circles, Dark Spots, Drooping Eyelids & Brow Arch, etc. This sub-dermal treatment induces collagen & elastin production. Learn More!
Glass or silicone cups are used to create a suction  on the skin to increase circulation of blood to an area, loosens muscles, relaxes the nervous system. Good for allergies by relieving lung congestion through the back or front, acute and chronic areas of trauma on back and shoulders. 


Gua Sha

East Asian massage: Chinese hands-on manipulative body treatment that works  on muscles, joints, and affects the vital flow of energy. These techniques activate channel and organ systems.  Benefits all muscles, joints, including frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, IT Band Syndrome, acute and chronic back pain, plantar fascitis, and MORE.
A scraping of the skin with a jade tool to facilitate circulation to an area - usually the neck and back. When it is gently used over the face, it can smooth the skin and make fine lines recede. It can be used to bring metabolic waste to the surface. This therapy can leave purple marks that indicate the level of stagnation in your body.

Nutritional & Lifestyle Advice


Using the principles of Chinese Medicine, foods can be added or should be avoided to help your healing. The digestive system is responsible for your core energy. Acupuncture and nutrition together can help with digestive issues, insomnia, and restoration of vital energy.
Moxa is a warm and relaxing therapy that is used over acupuncture points to stimulate healing. It is beneficial for diarrhea, arthritis, and any condition that creates a cold or stagnant feeling. Research shows that it can increase red and white blood cell count, improves lymph circulation.
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